Monday, October 12, 2009

trail race gear checklist. 100 miles o'fun

Well i am just a couple days away from the pony express 100. a pretty 'easy' 100 miler. just a few friends who go out and run the desert. i did it last year in 23 hours and change, i think. i don't really keep track of that kind of stuff. not too sentimental in that area. i dont think that i have ever saved an award or medal, except for the belt buckles because they are sweet and redneckish.

alissa and the kids are gonna come out for the first few hours and crew for me. should be fun for them to bounce around in the car. still working on getting a crew together for the rest of the race. any sadistic takers?

I know, i know you are thinking to yourself "what a weak ars" "why does he do such easy races?" "why not pick a course that is challenging instead of just an easy 50 miles out and 50 miles back" what can i say? i have been weak sauce this year. new baby, crappy real estate market, life with 4 young kids, a beautiful, patient wife who actually wants to see me sometimes (not exactly sure why, but...............)

so if you are dumb enough to want to do a hundred miler race here is what i take. hopefully it helps. now all you need to do is get outside and train insane amounts and you will be ready to go!! lets be honest its still cheaper than therapy

  • ensure (the old peoples drink) 18 bottles
  • water 3 gallons
  • coke plastic bottles (yep i drink pop on a long run and i LIKE IT!! no diet wussiness here 12 (opened for 24 hours to let out some of the fizz)
  • apples and adams peanut butter none of the skippy or jiff Crap (knife)
  • gu chomps packets 15
  • ready to drink soup 10 (take a baby bottle warmer to heat them up in the car)
  • bananas 3-4
  • nuun electrolyte tabs 3 bottles
  • candy bars 4 (lets be honest i run so i can eat more junkfood)
  • hammer perpetuem (sure i have thrown this up on many races but its still the best stuff on the market)
  • red bull 4 (wings come in handy)
  • chips and salsa
  • avacados (yummy fat and easy to digest)
  • iboprofen
  • salt pills
  • tums
  • benedryl

FEET (an important aspect of running for 100 miles)

  • 3 pairs injinji socks (the merino wool outdoor version)
  • 2 pair smart wools
  • mizuno wave riders
  • orange wave riders
  • go lite storm dragons
  • north face size 14 for swollen feet
  • athletic tape for blisters
  • tincture of benzion (glues tape on, but its a bitch when you rip it off)
  • needles for popping blisters
  • butt paste for greasing up the feet so as not to get blisters in the first place
  • zoot compression socks for after the race (and because they are so dang sexy)


  • smart wool long sleeve
  • ipod or two with good music and some good books to make you cry in the night
  • a speedo for those hot sections of the course and for sexy running
  • body glide lube
  • light gloves
  • warm gloves
  • headlamp
  • handheld flashlight (extra batteries) 2nd light helps with depth perseption
  • hat
  • visor
  • nathan running back pack
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • camera with full battery
  • hip pack
  • 2 amphipod bottles
  • warmer bellweather jacket for hypothermia/exhaustion stages
  • tights
  • light jacket go lite wisp
  • arm warmers
  • hot hands hand warmers
  • baby wipes
  • folding camp chair
  • bandana for the dust
  • extra short sleeve shirt
  • extra pair of compression shorts


Jarom's Running Page said...

Holy list of shiz! See you Friday and/or maybe Thursday night at the pre-run dinner :o) It's going to be EPIC!!! And about it being an easy 100, no 100 mile run is easy, maybe faster course, but not easy. JT

kelly said...

That is a lot of shizzle for a 100! Wowza, I have forgotten how much stuff we THINK we need to run a 100. Have a great run, and I love your blog.