Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Selle San Marco Aspide Composite Saddle Review

So i have been riding bikes for a long time now, about 18 years. I remember having an aluminum Klein with downtube shifters and putting STI levers on it, when they were still a WOW factor. I used to wear purple spandex. PURPLE for crying out loud. The point is, i don't get extremely excited about much when it comes to bike gear.

EXCEPT for this

Selle San Marco Aspide Composite Saddle. Its a glorious work of art. Our descendants will one day find my decomposed body at the bottom of a canyon with torn spandex from the crash that kills me when i take the final ride on the loop as a crazy old man and on my bike they will find this carbon shell called a saddle and it will be spoken of for years as the artifact that sets us apart from the animals! Well maybe not, but close!

This saddle truly is lovely. When you hold it in your hand, it feels fake. Lighter than an empty water bottle. No padding. No leather. No cushion. No Bull. So smooth, yet a bit intimidating as you think of setting your tender ars on this hard shell for hours. Not to worry, its as comfortable as it is aesthetic. Truly. Of course you need a good chamios, but lets be honest if you are thinking of this saddle you have 5 good pairs of shorts. (I would not spend more than $20 on a pair of jeans, but $200 for a pair of bike shorts is totally normal :)

So if you want people to check out your butt, buy this saddle, if you want comfort and you have spent hours on your bike and built up the numb nut tolerance level, then its time to upgrade. Lets be honest, this saddle is just plain SEXY.