Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FEZZARI CR5 long term bike review


Fezzari fore CR5

I figure its about time i put the pen to the pad so speak and give some props to one of the best bikes i have ever had.

Me and the bike spend a lot of time together. If i had a mistress, this bike would be it. We go out early in the morning and spend 3-4 hours in the canyons together. I put the kids to bed, turn the lights on (the niterider moab, a spectacular light BTW) and go out for a spin around Utah lake til 3 in the morning etc etc.

In almost 2 years I have done at least 10k miles on this bike and i just barely took it in for a tune up. An overhaul from Paul burgi at the bike peddler ..mucho props!! its better than new

this bike for me does it climbs very well. I did swap out the stock dura ace cassette and put on an ultegra with a 27 tooth cog. I do lots of ultra racing and trust me, in races like the hoodoo 500 where in 2 days of cycling you climb over 30000 feet and ride 519 miles... ...that extra gearing is a must have. (3rd place by the way in the inaugural year of that race) 44 straight hours on the bike...and she treated me SO right.

Full dura ace components and not a single issue. Mavic kysriums wheels and i have NEVER had to true them. they are still perfect. Right now i am running michelin pro race 3's tire i have ever had.

The bike still looks brand new. Finish is perfect. Colors are money and the build for the bucks is unmatched. I can get killer pro form deals on specialized, cannondale, giant etc, but still with my discount i can pay regular price from the fezzari website and get an equal bike for 1000 bucks less! I don't know how they do it!

I am stoked to get a 2009 CR 5, with dura ace 7900 and the new beefier bottom bracket and head tube. More power transfer straight to the road.

My bike in a 58cm without pedals weighed in at 16.3 pounds ...sure you can buy lighter ride for twice the money, but lets be honest i would rather put on some zipps and call it good!

I just did a 24 hour race...the kida relay....12 hours of biking, followed by 12 hours of running. 181 miles on the bike and seriously no sore spots, no neck aches, no nothing but love. Which is a good thing when you have to get off the bike and run for the next 12 hours all thru the night.

If you are on the fence, wait no longer. Buy the CR5 and laugh all the way to the bank because your bike will be on par with any other out there, plus you will still have the extra money to race every weekend...............enjoy!!!