Monday, February 2, 2009

the race that was not......and an abundance of thanks

so last tuesday night i was a pretty sick puppy. Major stomach issues, if ya know what i mean and i thought that maybe i ate something bad or that it was a 24 hour thing. Thursday comes and i am still struggling to eat anything besides chicken broth and white toast. I even had to take a couple days off work and one day i did not get up to noon. UNHEARD of for me.

By friday after 4 days straight i made the decision not to race, which was a good one considering i could barely walk up the stairs. Finally on saturday i decided to see a doctor and he says "oh its probably samoneilla, so heres an antibiotic...turns out he was right and 3 doses later i can eat again!!!

But no race...very sad indeed as the oppurtunity to race 31 miles on snowshoes only comes once a year..guess i will just have to do it epically on my own one night this week.

I am really grateful for the body. its an amazing tool and the best part about it is when you work it hard as it was designed to function, it makes life better in all aspects physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. Be thankful and make the most of today...NO MORE EXCUSES to not exercising