Wednesday, March 4, 2009

life is busy...but never too busy for exercise

here are some pics from the past month or so

just a couple of freaks heading out for a sunday night jog (30 miles to be exact) me and garrett white

some epic kite flying with marley in snow george area

teach a child to be epic from day one and they will never depart from it. me and kaiya and taj on a fun sunday afternoon hike behind the house

i know the chops are amazing.....amazingly hideous, alissa could not wait for them to be gone and then once i shaved them she didnt notice for 4 days...haha

christmas pics, the family with one crazy dad and one EXTREMely patient wife.

so as you can tell i have not posted for a while. lots of stuff going on in life as with all of us. but a couple things stay constant no matter what
1. exercise for me its the foundation for my mental social spiritual and financial well being (i go crazy without it)
2. time with alissa
3 time with my kids
4. spiritual time...meditation and study

as you can see blogging is not on the list but you know i have so many fans haha

i have good reason to not post lately, death in the family.....LOVE YOU GRANDPA i know you are in a better place..... and our upcoming ADOPTION>>>>>YES you are reading that right. one week from today we will have our 4th child and the best part is that i have not had to hold alissa's hair for 9 months while she throws up 15 times a day!!!

but just to keep myself honest here was my training log from last week

intervals mile repeats at the track 6.30 mile pace x 12 with 2 min active recovery between
15 miles easy 8.46 pace
10 mile skateboard paddle and 26 mile bike ride
am 6 mile run 8 min mile pace
pm 15 mile run into a crazy headwind 11 min mile pace with wade erickson (who by the way is kicking butt and taking names with his 50 mile race training)
bike 26 miles (back and forth to work)
10 miles skateboard paddling
intervals 400m x 16 on 6 min mile pace with 1.30 active recovery
30 mile run and 10 min mile pace with garret white yes that is correct it took 5 hours, isnt that what all normal people do on a sunday night at 8 pm? go run for 5 hours? EPIC!!!!

so as you can see not a whole lot of time for blogging

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