Sunday, November 30, 2008

one of my favorite EPIC bike rides

I love to ride around Utah lake. The route is pretty dang flat and traffic is hardly ever an issue. I REALLY also love to ride around Utah lake at night....nothing better than pounding out 100 miles or so after the sun goes down on a nice warm summer night.

BUT THIS AINT no summer ride

Friday night 32 degrees and no wind....what would you do? dinner and a movie? how bout putting the kids to bed, then dressing with 3 layers of spandex and going out for a nice 6 hour bike ride! Why? Because life is to be LIVED.

My friend justin Bankhead came with me...pretty narly to do your first century ride in the dark in the winter and in the cold....nice job justin!

it was cold my feet were freezing after about 3 hours, but thats because it was so humid cold, that they got sweaty and then cold

We left at 10 pm and got done just after 4am it was a long night, but a great night. I sure love mcgriddles in the early am when you have been on a bike all thru the night....yummy!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

video race report from the javelina 100 mile ultramarathon

Javlina 100 mile race report

Justin Bankhead walking back from a mtn bike ride with TWO FLAT tires!!!

The specialized bike Demo Tour the day after the race...we rode 4 different top end bikes 30K worth of bikes for FREEEEEEEEE!!!

the enduro S works at work on a dry river bed in arizona

Getting my body temperature back up but still coherent enough to ROCK ON!!!

Packing up after a disappointing race.....oh well remember this is a lifestyle....whats one race? it only inspires me to do even better next time!!!

I GOT WORKED. This race went nothing as planned but thats the fun of it. My pacer and i both got sick so it had to be something we ate.......most likely sushi (not recommeded as a pre-race food)

The first 15 miles were perfect so easy didnt even break a sweat. The 2nd lap of 15 was great too...then sometime between mile 30 and 39 my body decided that whatever fuel i had put in was not what it wanted and by mile 39 i was a mess. Not just throwing up a little but major projectile sweet is that? Ultramarathons you definately have highs and lows and i thought this was just a minor set back and i could work thru it. but every time i tried to eat or drink, my body completely and violently rejected it.

By 4 in the afternoon it was all i could do to shuffle my feet. Then when the sun went down because of my severe dehydration i started to get cold, REALLY cold. I got to the mile 55 aid station and was slurring my speech and couldnt keep my eyes open and when the aid station guys saw me they immediately bundled me in blankets and put heaters on my to bring me back from hypothermia. I was in and out for about 3 hours, drinking hot soup and hot chocolate. but there was no way to finish so at midnight I was officially pulled out of the race.

SO now what? We went to dennys and ate french toast what else? I actually felt awesome after that and wanted to go back and finish the race, but they said no.

Thats OK we had a blast anyway and the best part is the specialized bike demo crew was at the state park the next day. SO after running 55 miles, spewing my guts out and having hypothermia, 10 hours later i was fine and went for a 6-7 hour bike ride......thats what i call epic!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Javelina Jundred 100 mile race this weekend

Alright alright alright

I am super stoked to race again this weekend...the javelina 100 miler. This was my first 100 mile race last year and it worked me. I had just finished a 520 mile solo ultramarathon bike race (the HOODOO 500) that took 47 hours to finish and i dont think i was totally recovered. This year i feel ready.

A perfect race will be around 19 to 20 hours which should be good for a top 5 finish out of 160.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

halloween, the day for cross dressing I MEAN cross TRAINING

halloween is fun. I will be honest, I like to dress up. Its an excuse to put down inhibitions and have fun. Since i am being honest i initially felt rather dumb dressing up like a girl and going out in public....i used to thrive on the shock value attention but not so much anymore.

plus I am a huge advocate of cross dressing ooops i mean cross training HAHA

So one of my construction working friends came over halloween morning to finish our deck and his guys were all out in the back yard and i strutted my stuff for them...they thought that was pretty hilarious so i thought what the heck its halloween lets have some fun

at work i had 200 or so co-workers laughing like crazy as i pretended to teach my jazzercise paris hilton would say "it was hot" Not one to brag but i did win the company contest party 200 bucks baby.

one friend of mine said "i keep looking at your butt and though i know its you and your a dude i keep thinking "that girl has a pretty nice butt"

The best part of the day was cruising thru walmart and costco just making people laugh, i had people coming up to me just to take pictures it was hilarious......the looks on their faces like

"oh my gosh that is the ugliest girl i have ever seen but 'it' has a pretty nice butt"

I was dancing up and down the isles and in the parking lot making the best of a great costume. Cross dressing and cross training .......What a day

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