Friday, October 9, 2009

the real reason for living

its true, i write often about my passions. endurance sports specifically biking and running and as much as i love them....there are 4 things that i love more and here they are in chronological order.

(and the pics are unproffesional, but let's be honest so am i)

1. kaiya
2. taj
3. marley
4. livvy


being the oldest cant be easy, especially when your dad is crazy like hers. i am particular to say the least. kaiya is kind, determined, very helpful to alissa and a great big sister. creative and caring, great at spelling and wants to choose the right. when she prays, i am humbled by her sincerity. she's a fast runner and loves to goof around. i need to let her be a kid more and not be so hard on her. I LOVE YOU KAIYA. you will always be my little princess.


this boy is gonna be a lady killer. cute curly hair, HUGE eyes and super sweet. he tells alissa how much he loves her at least 10 times per day. he is incredibly tickle-ish and laughs with his whole body. he's a bit 'wimpy' but i will take that because he is so sweet. I almost have him riding a bike with out training wheels. He gives me the biggest hugs at night and i feel so loved and unjudged by such a great little man. I LOVE YOU TAJ.


marz is such a petite lovely little girl, who loves all things girly. lipstick, necklaces, babies, and her little voice is just mezmerizing to me. its so pretty. i love to hold her when she cries. she speaks so eloquetly for a 2 year old and i love it when she sings to livvy. she's a picky eater when she is eating by herself, but will eat anything as long as mom or dad is feeding her off of our plates. I LOVE YOU LITTLE MARZ.


adoption is truly amazing, because the love that i have for livvy is no less than for my 'own' kids. she is a funny girl, stoneface, as she is a hard nut to crack. she is starting to laugh more and growls at the same time. from one week old, she has slept thru the night. her hair is crazy and her eyes are big and lovely. she gets cuter everyday, and seldom cries, thankfully. I LOVE YOU LIV.


Kim Ward said...

Your kids are beutiful. I can't believe how big Marley looks. She has tons of hair, lots more then Anna. Thanks for the great post, yet again. Send me a topic to write on hope you and yours are doin well. We miss you.

Linda said...

When it comes to my family they are as good as gold!
Thanks to all of you for sharing your families with us, they are awsome.
all my love, papa rory