Monday, October 27, 2008


oh my goodness....i LOVE is so awesome. Here is how i define living, because today was a perfect day!!

Got up went for a run..sure it was a little cool but perfect! on the trails behind our house, did some hill repeats and broke a sweat. went home did ab work and push ups woke up the kids and got them ready

taught some friends some things that are important to me focused on being inspired and being guided by the Divine ......personal revelation, we are all entitled to it, but what are we DOING to recieve it. DR. Wayne Dyer says we are always connected to source energy but we are the ones responsible for quality of the link. is it corroded or is it open? only you can answer that.

so i taught them about the POWER HOUR in a 10 minute simplified form....this is how to do the power hour

  1. rock the body whip it into shape....its a beautiful servant but a horrible master so excercise daily to show the body that the [ YOU ] is in charge (do at least 20 min)
  2. study spiritaul and and mental things that will fill you for the day.....there is SO much noise and information thrown at you. Take time to fill your self with good first and foremost (do at least 15-20 min)
  3. MEDITATE or PONDER.....Dont be afraid of silence. learn to love it, you will crave it because there is peace . when was the last time you sat still and just.................existed. This will be difficult at first. there are many methods to meditation do what works for you .....(do at least 10 min)

its easy to teach when you are passionate about a message and the message about is really all about realization.

"REalization of what" you may ask.

Well thats the fun part I dont know, not neccesarrily the answer you want is it?

thats your oppurtunity to find out for yourself........... truth is truth "try it on".....try the power hour and see how much more powerful your day is when you set the conditions for the day instead of having the circumstances of the day setting you up for happiness or the percieved lack thereof.

the rest of the day was spent hangin out with family and friends at our house...nowhere to go nothing to do except to just enjoy time with others, folded laundry because i like it and it helps my hottie wife.



got the kids ready for bed and put on 3 layers of my favorite clothing SPANDEX, a couple water bottles and my bike. I needed to ride and so i put in 4 hours of easy spinning on a semi warm sunday night. The roads on sunday nights are nearly empty. There is something SO magical about riding at night looking out across the valley and seeing the lights and the mountains in the background and hearing nothing but the whirrrrrr of my wheels humming across the asphalt, looking up at the sky and having a heart full of gratitude for moments like this. its awesome to think that i may be the only guy crazy enough on cool autumn night to be out on his bike at 11 pm, and holy cow I LOVE IT!!! it really helps to LIVE IN THE NOW. Be present. BE....
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

the Pony express 100 mile endurance run

this will be a short post as i will let the CRAZY and random video do the talking. This was my 3rd attempt at the 100 mile distance and the 2nd that i have finished. I ended up crossing the finish line first in 23 hours and 2 minutes and set a new course record by 21 minutes. IT WAS BRUTAL and BEAUTIFUL all wrapped up into one EPIC DAY!! thanks to all those who,wade,gwhite,alissa,tony,davy,and paul. I couldnt have done it without you!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

midnight running and alpine loop riding

that was great sir.......may i have another

until the snow flies which may be sooner than later, i think that the alpine loop is gonna be my weekly bread and buttah. its great to have a group of friends to ride with. Its also great to ride alone. I encourage both. With friend, they will push you physically and going solo gives you time to search the soul........oh (that was word play, read it again if you didnt catch it.)

tim collings giving his male modeling look..........i think this is blue steel

There is something so organic about the mountains, those of you who spend time in them know what i mean. its like the static and hum that fills ours lives is removed. For anyone working out i encourage getting outdoors and into the 'cleanliness' of nature. It allows for disconnect which can create the conditions that will enable the spiritual reconnect, if you seek it.

heres a short clip of the solutide so easily found in the mtns.

Wind and running

I am not a huge fan of wind. I should be, because i really love change and wind is one power of nature that brings change. Whenever people ask me about how i run so far and where did this endurance come from, i think of one word. CONSISTENCY Picture this, its Thursday night 8.15pm, I've put in a full day of work and ran 3 times already in the past 36 hours. I call my good friend Ryan Johnson and say i am tired i really don't wanna go running tonight especially for 3 hours!

ryan.....Have you been outside lately?

me......No hows the weather?

ryan....It sucks man, its freakin cold and the wind is howling!

me......oh man now i really don't wanna go.

ryan....Me neither, but i will still go if youre up for it

and thats all i need the encouragement of a good friend who also happens to be a bit crazy (bless our wives!!) Thanks ryan if you hadnt had committed i wouldnt have gone.

me....Well then thats why we are FREAKIN GOING.

When you don't want to you go. When its unreasonable, you go!!!!!!!!! that is what makes you epic that is where endurance comes from, from the times when you have to dig deep.

So yeah i put on my gear, was shivering and cold and still didnt wanna go but as soon as we started running I was in love all over again. We hit the trails, ran up the south side of the point of the mountain straight into the wind and it was fierce enough to take your breath away. We got up into the scrub oak on a narrow trail and that helped provide protection from the wind. Nice and easy ended up on top being able to see into both utah valley and salt lake valley and the 'action' at night but still in the peace of the mountains. Ended up running about 2h ours and 40 mins. VERY NICE and of course we felt better after than before. Runners high thats what its all about!!

I dont really wanna admit what i ate after my workout as snack but lets just say that when you earn a 'big maccin' reward, that reward is super tasty, especially at midnight. i have had a total of maybe 5 big macs my whole life...but honestly this burger was one of the best burgers i can ever remember.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Epic alpine loop in the fall


Some "normal" people like to go out to eat for lunch, a nice meal with friends at lunch..........what a crazy idea who would ever do such a silly thing? :-)

This is my idea of a power lunch...power bars, energy gels and 4000 feet of climbing in 10 miles on a road bike. This little ride was about as perfect as it gets. Nice 65 degree temps, it has just rained and the smell of fall was thick in the clean and so nice. 30 miles total and then back to work.

all pics were taken from the bike while riding

Pondering and Pedaling

yes still working on soul purpose (and will for a while now) and life and happiness and joy and those amazing words that we strive to FEEL in our lives. Here are the questions that i was pondering while pedaling ...ponder and pedal ...pretty hypnotic.

  1. What wakes you up in the morning, excited to be alive?

  2. Decribe your perfect day.

  3. What do you do that people complement you about?

  4. What brings you joy

  5. Besides your family what would you give your life for

  6. What would you everyday if money was no object

    working it climbing the alpine loop

    Justin bankhead working it up the alpine loop or is he getting worked?

Night Running, Old Shoes and Soul Purpose

Commuting By ........FOOT?

I like to run. I really like to run. For me it borders on the edge of addiction. I cant remember ever going out for a run and feeling worse than when i left. It is always a positive reward. Last night after a long day of work, I needed to run. A warm fall night perfect for putting in some miles. Lately for me its more about just running, no watch, no GPS, not worrying about pace, just running. I try to hit the dirt as much as possible running between thanksgiving point and the ranches. so it was a nice 3 hour night time jaunt. Stopped at maverick and got a bear claw and jug o'chocolate milk for the after party.

Old Shoes

so called "experts" talk about rotating shoes for support and i agree somewhat however i have been reading lots about the benefits of barefoot running how it strengthens your feet and allows for the more natural design and function of the foot to perform. So on that line wouldn't old running shoes be more healthy? as they allow your foot to be more supple?


Alissa and i are in the process of going learning more about our SOUL purpose not sole purpose. Its an ideal that has been dancing in my head for a long time. Last night i got a text from my mentor and he said to 'ponder of my purpose' which i did. The one realization that i came to last night is that for the last few years as i have been struggling to HAVE financial Independence so i can DO the things i want to do and then BE the person/dad/husband/business owner/entrepreneur that i want to be. But IT CANNOT.......will not.......... has never been........... or will ever be that way. For the first time i realized that you first have to BE then DO then HAVE. its an insight that will come when your ready.