Saturday, September 12, 2009

i commute by running

For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, welcome! its probably the best blog in the universe (at least top 10). Let me bring you up to speed, i run. I run to live, to disconnect, to reconnect, to relieve stress, to breath, to love, to forget, to remember, to relax, to commute, to energize, to be a better husband, to be a better dad, I RUN!

and in my spare time...i ride my bike. which do i like better? the answer is YES.

I am a big believer in back to backs for long distance training. You dont dig so deep in hurting your body and mentally it really strengthens you to go the real long distances. I have a 100 miler coming up in 5 weeks and i have been lightly running, more time on the bike but its time to get serious.

So instead of riding back and forth to work i will be doing more running. My 'commute' is pretty varied. I run through a bit of city, farm areas, river paths, mountain trails (were they just found a mountain lion in someone's window well less than a mile from my trails) but dont worry, i have a mountain lion attack on my list of approved ways that i would like to die :)

Just this last particular night i had 2 funny experiences. First i stopped into a church to refill my amphipod bottle. (which btw are the best bottles around). take a look at what i was wearing, headband, indian pony tails, short shorts. normal for me, silly for a church ....take a looksee

So there i was looking around for a drinking fountain in the church and up walks 'the suit' asking if i am ok, or if i need some help.

can you blame him, in his mind he is thinking "what's this wierdo doing here"

i told him that i am good, just getting some water and that he has no reason to fear " i am a legit card carrying member of this establishment and that i just needed some water and i was on my way. it made me laugh.

now for my second trick, late. but being all 'shook up' from my church incident i decided that instead of going inside at 10pm to get a running snack, i would hit the drive thru (or 'run thru') for me. Once again my feelings were hurt, the lady said she doesnt serve my kind, and that you have to have a car to go to the drive thru. I said she was racist and discriminating against people who wear short shorts, she laughed.

then i went running some more, tucked the kids in when i got home, slept for 6 hours and then went running again.