Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kida Relay 24 hour SOLO race...

So yes it was EPIC!! to say the least

12 hours of biking followed by 12 hours of running....with 30 min of sleep around 3am..

i rode the fezzari for 181 miles, started at 8 am then at 8pm hopped of and ran for another 12 hours and completed 7 laps on the run course for a total of 42 miles!!!

thanks to Jarom and Heath Thurston and there peeps for putting on such a spectacular event. I am already looking forward to next year.

Thanks to my 2 main men who crewed for me Travis Snyder on the bike, and Garrett White on the late shift midnight to 8am on the run..

Also thanks to my princess Alissa who lets her husband do ridiculous events like this. Its what i call livin!!

the following are some quick videos of a rather delirious runner in the middle of the night. I am working on a written full race report for those of you who care.

  • midnight update 16 hours into the race

  • 1.25 am in the morning 181 miles on the bike and 18 miles into the run

  • 2.58 am in the morning 24 miles down after the all day bike (this is a long one)

  • 5.14 am...getting crazy, but still feeling strong mile 30 (marathon plus 4 miles) toothbrush please

  • 6.40 am yeah daylight 36 miles down...and we are working it

  • 8 am the race is over and all the breakfast was gone....bummer

  • race summary from garrett